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Quantity System Web Site and other things

April 20, 2014

I’ve launched a web site to have the calculator online in the internet.

I figured out that I need a reference to the language .. so I must write something in the help section for the user to be able to use the calculator efficiently

now I am torn of between writing small posts or making big posts that describe major things in my understanding to physics and mathematics in general

since  this blog is describing the quantity system rules .. and these rules are invented by me (Ahmed Sadek)  then this blog along the framework and its calculator are my own understanding of math and physics.

needless to say that I am applying my knowledge in programming and syntax invention. so in general I’ve decided that I need to have more freedom in writing the posts here .. I don’t want to tie myself to the strict writing rules of research thesis .. and I’ve discovered too that I haven’t wrote anything since a long time although I have done many things that worse to be written.

so here it is my decision (hopefully to be the right one), I will post my thoughts here on a fast rate  .. so that I can document any discovery that I encounter .. also to help me gathering all of them in one place.





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