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July 17, 2009

This blog is about my last software Quantity System Framework

my Name is Ahmed Sadek
and I am a mechanical engineer who know how to program computers since MSX
my personal web site is which hold also my personal blog.
because I have a special interrest in programming and simulating the mechanical engineering problems into software.
I found that we really didn’t have a programming language that support unit conversion between the same quantity.
my first attempt to make this library was about 5 years ago.
I was making a progam to compute the heat gain through building using ASHRAE 97 method of TFM
back there I created a simple concept and tried to make it succeed.
(I FAILED) and you will know later WHY ?? 🙂

I’ve created this blog especially for writing about this piece of software this library
and my future plans about it.
as my ideas are now burning in my head this blog will serve as a source for ideas related to the scientific applications that will be built around this library.
Being a thermodynamic fan I know what is meant by Effeciency, Second Effeciency, and Availability.
I wanted to create this library (and later the calculator it self) for calculating effeciently not to make another program which let me decide what I should do.
(I have another things to decide about it)
The library and its calculator serve more than one goal (at least in my opinion)
First: young people who are un-aware about units and its conversion tricks
Second: Scientists who want to get their job done without making un-noticed mistakes.
The quantity system is the first to differentiate between work and Toruqe.
this is a really an important sentence.
if you looked into the previous implementations for the same idea.
you will find them lacking the dimensional approach
although they know about the concept and all those pretty things about Pukingham theory and dimensional analyis
but they simply choosed to ignore the dimensional approach because the lake of differentiating between Torque and Work
All other attempts before this one was ignoring this problem by employing the concept of units
without thinking about dimensions.
so their concept is “Unit” as the begining and ending to the problem, and by following the SI standards about units.
however this lead to a serious problem.
The problem about Work which is Force times Length N.m is the same as Torque Which is Force times Length also N.m.
So simple you CAN’t differentiate between Work and Torque by using only units
Another problem about angle
Have you ever looked into the Angle quantity
The Angle is dimensionless quantity which is Length Divided By Length.
And to make things even more worse
Solid Angle Quantity which Area divided by Area is also dimensionless quantity
and Angle unit is Radian
and Solid Angle units is Steradian
How can you differentiate between Angle and Solid Angle ??
telling me they have different units 🙂
let me ask again they are dimensionless
how will your program behave about that.
And these problems especially what made me fail before.
this problem also is the stone that render all other attempts as a weak implementation
But I insisted on one Concept
I have to think in quantities not in units
I solved the problem I’ll tell you about it next post.
And that leaded to another surprise for me which was the last thing to break my barriers in starting this blog.
This is a long post I think
but I think later posts will be more interresting for all of the readers
I have a bulk of ideas that are ready to implement.
I have this faith in making every thing open either information or implementation.
and I really wish to enhance our lives
Thank you
Ahmed Sadek

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